Semalt Expert Directs What To Do When Site Traffic Hits Bottom

It's like a nightmare when you see that your SEO performance has been blacklisted by Google or other search engines, and there is no way to get rid of this issue. In order to get organic traffic for your site, you should play with keywords, publish quality articles, and identify what type of search engine optimization strategies are needed for your website.

You should remember the following things, stipulated here by Jason Adler, the leading expert from Semalt, to resolve many of your SEO-related issues.

Authority Issue: Check Webmaster Tools

The first and most important thing is that you should check webmaster tools and find the technical tips there. Stay updated with the latest tools and get yourself a few ones to rule out issues that might cause an instant drop in your site's performance.

Bing and Google provide their users with plenty of tools. You can keep yourself updated with them and avoid any penalties of the websites. If you have all necessary webmaster tools, there are chances that your website would get a good rank in the search engine results. If you have not registered and verified your website with those tools, you are likely to welcome a problem in coming days.

Relevance Issue: Check Analytics

If all of your webmaster tools look fine, you must go to the search queries of Google to verify Google's reports for your organic search traffic. Make sure it matches the standards of the search engine. Otherwise, your site is likely to get affected. If the reports are different, there would be an issue that you need to solve as early as possible.

You should always pay attention to the performance of your site and do not let it decrease at any cost. Once you have solved all technical issues, the next step is to analyze changes of your site and keep them saved. Changes of your articles should be affected as early as possible. Download reports from Google Analytics on a daily basis and compare them to each other to observe what type of changes might be needed at your side.

Algorithmic Issues

To resolve the algorithmic issues, you should check your keywords and phrases. You should keenly observe if they are getting your site quality traffic or not, and all this can be checked in Google Analytics with great ease.

The next step is to check the Penguin Tool and sign up here. You should create a Google account and attach your analytics to get Google's major algorithm updates on a regular basis. This tool will tell you if your site's performance is decreasing and what could be the possible reason for that. If there is an issue with your site and its algorithm, the Penguin Tool will keep you updated. Google might detect and blacklist your site if you don't resolve that issue as early as possible. You should always examine your SEO practices and choose the ones which might prove to be great for your website. Fix the low-quality articles and insert relevant keywords in them for better search engine rankings.